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Intercultural Communication

Foolishly Political

Patrick Nolan
10 January 1950
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I currently live in Indianapolis, Indiana but have lived in a number of other interesting places including Los Angeles, Seattle, Boston, different spots in Maine, and Japan. I have been a program developer for elementary children, a semi-professional musician and an English as a Second Language teacher both here and in Japan(Fukushima-shi). I loved living in Japan and have been back to visit two times. I miss that experience and that culture!

I am interested in people and their cultures and what is going on in the world. I am pretty radical politically, having gone through the most intense part of the sixties as a university student on the East Coast.
Currently I am working as a standardized test evaluator and test editor, with periods of unemployment. I'm reading a lot (especially interested in fiction from other countries) and starting to write a research paper about the positive aspects of social democracy (democratic socialism), while the U.S. goes to hell in a hand basket. I'm also trying to keep life fresh and to grow old without fear.